We are told to use positive words to attract what we desire. However some people claim they don’t experience any change in their lives we all the positive words they use. If that is how you feel, you should try the following:

Attach emotions to the words you use. Now let me go a little religious. I know some people hate to hear anything God… Never mind this will help you all the same. Scripture tell us to love the Lord your God with all your heart , all your soul, and all your mind.

The mind is where the thinking is done so love with your thoughts.

The soul is where the believe is rooted so love with the believe.

The heart is where the emotions and feelings are generated so love with the feelings and emotions.

In the same way, when you speak positive words only with the thoughts, without involving the emotions and the believe, that word is empty and the impact is not  good enough. That is why we are often advised to speak it until we can believe it because it is only when you believe it that you start generating the necessary emotions and feelings that can bring it forth.

With the right emotions, you should act as if it’s already happening. If it’s a business idea, start getting creative on the ideas. For example, start writing a business plan.

If it’s a job, wake up when workers wake up and get busy as though you were getting ready to go.

If it’s a relationship, dress nice and take care of you as though you were preparing for a date.

In Simple words, ACT AS IF.