Image result for angerAnger is one feeling that can get you wasted if not handled with care. This is not to say it should not be expressed because keeping silent doesn’t help if it is not forgiven.  Silence in anger is disastrous to the body because it crowds the mind and when the mind is crowded and the heart is heavy you would surly explode.  If you don’t explode, you would be exploded. So if you decide to swallow the anger, you should find a way of releasing that negative energy by truly forgiving and letting go; without which you would break at some point.

A safe thing to do is to  express how you feel and let go. When expressing your hurt, don’t be confrontational because a confrontation never passes a message across. Rather it gives room for defense from those who hurt you and it would result to more frustrations. A conversation always pays off if done right. Doing it right means also taking responsibility for your own actions. It will always take two to tangle. For example if someone stepped on your toes and didn’t apologize for it, you could be really mad at such a person but don’t forget that your foot was surly wrongly placed.