As an African, family is everything. We are trained to collaborate in everything we do.

Growing up, we were taught that there was no place like home for home was where true love was found. The love of family. My siblings and I, as many as we were, shared our food together, eating from the same bowl. This was priceless because it brought us together and made us united.  While we ate, we chatted over everything, laughed together at the happy events and grumbled together at the sad ones.

Family is where we learned respect and  not to talk back at our seniors. We learned how to communicate and pass our messages without a fight. As a family we learned together, played together, cried together.We celebrated each others successes and encouraged those who fell. In all we did, we held each others’ hands and as we walked the path of life, through the thick and thin.

Today, when I look back, I give thumps up to our parents for teaching us the importance of family and showing us how to collaborate.