As many as we are in the world, no two people are the same-not even twins. God has made us fearfully and beautifully but every day we wake up with our eyes fixed on our imperfections. We complaint about our body parts, some about their shapes/sizes, others about their abilities. Some of us hate our images so much that even when we are complemented, we think it’s a scheme.

We live in negative comparison, forgetting that the only reason we can even compare is because we have them to begin with. You can not compare what you don’t have and you only compare because you want to have what others have which you think is best.Β  If you don’t like the size of your butt remember you only notice your butt because you can stand on your feet. If it’s the color of your eyes, at least you can see.

There is none like you and the things in and on you were made without a single error. So what you consider an imperfection is just based on your poor definition of beauty and attraction.

If man could slow down for a moment and take a closer look at themselves, they will worry less about the things they see because the bigger problem is in the unseen-that lies inside of you. If you spend so much time on TV, you will be tempted to judge your appearance by other people’s definition of beauty and this will suppress the light in you, with the darkness of your beaten mind.

Irrespective of your imperfections, there is no one else on this planet like you and should anything happen to you, you would go extinct. So how about you redefine your interest. What is good looks if you can’t make the people around you wish to have you forever; If you can’t make a difference in the life of someone? What is attraction if it can’t add value unto your life and the lives of those you attract.

You are beautiful just the way you are and the way you were made is aligned with your purpose on earth. It is only when you find that purpose that you will realize that there was no imperfection on you. Let the light inside of you shine and it will bring you the people you desire naturally who would not even notice the things you worry about.

Build with others, good memories of you that can last through generations and such memories can not be based on looks alone. Memories made from good looks only last through the night. Don’t forget…there is none like you