People run and people fall but the beauty in the fall is only when you can tell it as a story after standing. Many times we lose control over a lot of things and find ourselves in compromising situations. These are some of the moments we can consider as a fall because it is often during such times that we lose connection from within and find ourselves doing things we won’t normally do…we fight and betray loved ones; gossip and paint coworkers black; cheat on spouses and the list continuous. But again the ability to reconnect with the invisible self helps us regain control and discipline.

Self discipline is one of those great principles to live by. There is power in self control. Those who have a great sense of self discipline can overcome temptation  without much effort.

In my opinion, man only has as much control as he empowers his spirit-the invisible self. A weak minded person is dominated by his body and such a person has very little control over the things they do. They sway in the direction of the wind irrespective of where it blows. But a strong minded person, is controlled by his spirit and the power in the spirit is so strong that even when bodily desires push them into undesired acts, the spirit can easily pull them out and again they find the strength to stop. It’s like a force that keeps you in check.

How much control we have, depends on our relationship with the invisible self. The spirit was made pure and is our connection with God. If we have a strong relationship to it, it guides us and gives us control. Such control is contagious and those who possess it can control even those around them.