Life is like a soccer game. We jug into the field with confidence aiming for the pole with the sole intention to win.

We think of all the time spent in training and the efforts of the coach, and the least we can do is show our appreciation by scoring a goal.

We are so focused on trying to impress the coach and the spectators that we miss pole. The harder we try, the tougher it gets because we want to score for the wrong reasons.

We get kicked by our opponent and sometimes the fall is so harsh that we sustain bruises. Some players are replaced while others continue the game.

Our opponents have the same intention to win and thus makes the game more of a battle. The counter-attack  is fierce and they score our pole.

During the half time, the coach points out our errors and we get back into the field with more energy and determination to win the match.

This time around we do not only want to impress the coach and others, but we want to feel happy and gratified by our efforts. Now our intentions have changed and our strategies have improved.

We see better, the weaknesses of our opponent and we strike. At this point, we make several attempts at the pole and in such a wow moment, we dribble like pros. Before our opponent gets to us, we have displaced the goal keeper with winning shot.

What a game!