If you can’t laugh, smile because that’s probably all you’ve got to call yours. But if you still can’t find a reason to smile, I’ll tell you why you should.

You are alive: If you are even reading this it means you were among the privileged ones who were given another chance to see this day. Now how you choose to use this chance depends on you. But to me I choose to smile, and stay positive because for as long as I am alive, there is hope.

You might be angry at the day maybe because you are sick, depressed, disappointed or may be just mad at something. But again, you are alive. That alone is what those who died last night, wished they had but unfortunately they didn’t. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin wishing you could make a change and enjoy the life in you.

Today is all you have got because you don’t know if tomorrow would be yours. So make  the most of it now. Just smile… and smile… and smile until you can feel like laughing. The feeling is awesome.