Life often offers us the opportunity to be kind and to receive kindness. This makes us live a life full of expectations and as such to every act of kindness we show to others, we hope to get it back in return somehow, someday. In my opinion, such expectations are often misdirected because they are rarely met, and as thus leave us with the feeling of disappointment. However, kindness remains a gift to those who receive it and a blessing to those who give it.

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Sometimes all it takes to make life more beautiful is to show some kindness. It could be as simple as showing gratitude for the things you get and sincere appreciation for those who helped you to get the things you have. No rose garden ever got it’s roses by itself without the aid of the gardener. Sometimes a little act of kindness will speak volumes.

Some people are always on the receiving end and feel no guilt about it. They think everyone owes them a favour. If you give them something, they think it’s nothing and so they will thank you from their lips and not their hearts.Or worst still, ask for another thing almost immediately. They keep coming for more and never having anything for you , not even gratitude. It is like loving someone and not feeling loved by that person.

However, in order not to end up with more people to hate than love, for every act of kindness, do it for love and direct your expectations on to God, who is responsible for meeting them. At least, He never disappoints.