If you walk into a room full of people and asked for individual definitions for happiness, you will surly have varied responses. Most of those who are not financially viable will define it based on the presence of what they currently lack. Those who are financially viable will equally define it by other things they want to possess. This is because many people think happiness is being in possession of wealth, and the ability to have all you desire. But if you were to give them all that which they think they need to be happy, they will still give you another reason for desiring something else and not being happy.  No one ever truly has more than enough because even the rich desire more wealth. Thus if happiness depends on the provision of man’s wants alone, there would be no happy people on earth for man’s desires and wants only end when he dies.

Happiness is a state of mind and not what you have or don’t have. It is about your response to everyday ups and downs. It is how you process situations of lack and plenty, and how much peace you can enjoy even amidst a challenge. You either choose to wear a  frown or a smile. You either decide to spend time analyzing what A and B said about you; or choose to let go and not to let others change how you feel about yourself.

It is all about the choices we make. I like to say happiness is a conscious choice that brings unconscious rewards of peace and joy, irrespective of what you have or lack.