Life is beautiful but I guess only animals can really attest to this because of the way they parade the jungle, never bothering about tomorrow. At the dawn of a new day, they jump out of their hide outs, ready to overcome whatever the day brings, as they hunt for the meal of the day. They know it could be their last and so even the hunted is ready to challenge the hunter. In the jungle, each day is a day for hunting and being hunted.

The worries of tomorrow is where most of our frustrations come from. What will my life be like? What would my bank account be like? what house would I live in? What would my kids be ? etc etc. The list continues. Worrying is probably the most common guilt in human beings.

But it is amazing to know that no amount of worries ever makes a day longer than 24hours. Like yesterday, today will pass and tomorrow will come.

There is a time for everything and everyday is timely as we age with grace. It comes with maturity, and wisdom. It comes with opportunities for us to either use our strength or improve upon a weakness. Thus a time for giving and a time for taking. A time for trials and a time for breakthrough.

If you take a moment and look back, you will see how far you’ve come and will definitely enjoy the peace of today and forget the worries of tomorrow. But if you always look into the future, you will worry because what you have today may not be sufficient for tomorrow. So stop the worrying for there is a time for everything. So long as your desires will contribute to the growth of the world, they will surly come to pass.