” Be mindful of what you shout about, because the echoes will surly find your ears.”

Very often we judge others by what we see or hear. When we look at people, we are quick to see their faults and condemn them for it.  We try to change them into what we think is right for them, playing God in their lives. But we forget to know that the very things we condemn in others, is found in us as well.

Experience has taught me that human eye is not a good judge of character because we judge blindly.  We see what people want us to see; hear what they have to say about others and draw our conclusions.We rarely see the motives and so we judge action.

I often say “…the more you look, the less you see”. This is because if you keep seeing only the faults in others you will never realize there was good in them. Whoever said everyone had to be like us?  If we were all alike, would the world not be a boring place?

Life is about complementing each other-using your good to strengthen the weakness of another person, and using their good to improve upon your own weakness.

Appreciate the differences in each other, for that is the beauty in life.