DON’T Settle for less!!! Love is blind…so they say. But if your definition for love is doing whatever to stay in a relationship, I think you need to slow down before you find yourself under the wheel. Women are fond of such love. We jump in with everything in us and if we don’t get it in return, we go crazy and settle for whatever is available just to keep the relationship.

Relationships are meant to bring out the best in us and not the worst. If you are in a relationship and you find yourself always trying to get the approval and admiration of the other, you are definitely in the wrong place. A man who loves you will admire you and appreciate you the way you are. He will make equal efforts to spend time with you and you won’t have to trick him to stay with you.

Sometimes you might find yourself in a relationship which you are hoping could mature to marriage but the big question is not forth coming. In such a situation, talk with the man on the future of the relationship and be clear on what you want. If he is not responding, be wise enough to read the writing on the wall and move on. Don’t stay there hoping he changes his mind because if that doesn’t happen, you will end up with some crazy moves trying to get him hooked such as getting pregnant without his consent.

Every woman wants man to call her own but you might not get it if you spend time in relationships that keep you away from noticing the right ones when they come by.

When you settle for less, you defeat your purpose and live a life which is not the ultimate. You attract emotional frustrations which will eventually bring down your self esteem and confidence.  Such a relationship will only hurt you for your needs will never be fully met. Don’t be a beggar for Paul because Peter is searching for you, hoping to treat you like a queen.