When there is planting, there would be harvesting. But if you plant grains on rocky soil, the harvest will be nothing but moss. If the planting is prudent, then the future will be bright.

It is true to say sometimes unfortunate things happen but that notwithstanding, some people plant poorly today and  tomorrow blame it on the unfairness of life. Rocks will produce moss and rich soil will produce grains.

Imagine  the case of a man and his brother-One man lives his life without bother of how his actions will affect the people after him. He is only concerned about himself and no one else. Trains the people around him in the same way. Those who come after him are faced with problems of cleaning up the mess he left behind and have very little time to find themselves and grab the most from life.

On the other hand, his brother lives a purposeful life, understanding that there are repercussions for his actions and thus is prudent. He leaves his generations with little or no mess to clean up.  Giving them enough time to find their own purpose and  make the most of life.

Children of the first brother will not see life as fair but their cousins will consider it fair enough. Living life in consideration of those after us is prudent. Don’t live a life that would prepare your generations as slaves when they could as well be masters. You can not plant vegetables and expect a harvest of grains.

But I love God because irrespective of  where you are coming from, He would look into your situation and offer you a chance to make it better. However, don’t spend so much time in wrong planting because the harvest will be a bag of frustrations.