When trials come your way, take a moment after the hurt to find out what it has for you because there is always a purpose for everything that happens to you.  Life is like a theater with continuous performance wherein every character has unique roles and receives different sizes of trophies after each episode.

In my opinion, trials come when it’s time to grow, or move into the next stage of life; and each trial is dependent on the size of growth ahead. It brings you the skills you need for the next episode. Thus, there is always a reason behind the problems and challenges.  It either gives you an opportunity to learn something new about yourself or helps you to improve upon your weaknesses.  Sometimes, things work out so well and life seems like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. But some unfortunate things happen and  throw you off balance or even cause you to fall. It is important to take a moment for self reflection after the hurt/pain/frustration etc.Trails do not come to kill, but to break and remodel

I remember the time in life when I had everything going well for me. I had a good job and I was doing just the things I loved-traveling, meeting people, giving talks etc. I had more than enough for me and for every other good cause. I was very independent that I couldn’t see myself asking anyone for anything. Not even my husband. I was comfortable. But then something happened and I became unemployed. I tried getting another job but every attempt was unsuccessful. The interview was either unsuccessful or I was never contacted.  A once independent and successful woman with a blossoming career suddenly became unemployed and a full time house wife. I could not even afford my basic needs and had to depend solely on my husband- a thing I had always dreaded. I was unable to support my relations who had depended on me all along. I was stuck and seeing them suffer made me feel even worse. The feeling of being dependent and non-supportive made me feel useless. It drained me of my self esteem and confidence and my frustrations grew worse by the day. My state of mind was negatively affected and everything followed with it. It was one problem to the next.

In the hurt, I couldn’t think straight and gradually I watched my life waste away day after day. But one day as I sat on my bed looking through some pictures, I broke into tears and wept bitterly at what I had become. As I cried, I heard a voice, a really loud voice-loud enough to scare me, that asked me this question- “Apart from sitting down and crying, what else are you good at?” I cried even harder at the sound of this and the question kept coming. After crying, in the quiet of my room, I asked myself in all honesty, what am I good at? As simple as it may sound, that was my wake up moment. I took a piece of paper and began writing. I wrote all the good things I once loved about myself, my dreams, and desires etc. Everything good I could think about myself, I wrote them down.

As I did that, I was amazed at the number of good things I had come up with and it made smile as tears rolled down my cheeks.  I looked at how much goodness I still had left in me and it dawn on me that it was time to look into others things. If the employers weren’t looking my way, I could as well become an employ myself.  It was time for a new beginning. In the days that followed, I wrote down my new goals and challenged myself to achieving one thing after the other, setting time and developing strategies on achieving them. This made me realize the potentials I had in me that no employer could ever bring out of me. I began appreciating myself and everything else around me began changing.  I saw myself healing from the frustrations of unemployment and lack as I worked on achieving my goals.  I moved from a life of complain to a life of appreciation. Each day suddenly became a blessing to me and I was marveled as I achieved my goals one after the other. I found the hidden fortune in my frustration.

At that point, I looked back into the hurting days of lack and I found the lessons that it brought me. My comfort and independence had made me too full of myself. That episode of my life taught me humility and appreciation. It gave me an opportunity to rediscover myself and I found tons of potentials in me which I failed to notice because I was busy chasing other things. Interestingly these are the life skills I needed to excel in the new stage of achievement. God knew I was going somewhere bigger than where I was coming from and so He let nature prepare me for it. These two qualities have guided me till date in my work and relating with others.

When I look back in the years, and take a look at the various challenges I have faced, I see a pattern which is the fact that after every trial I moved a step higher in life. It doesn’t matter how long or short; tough or mild the trial period was, it always had something for me which I needed in the next stage of life.

Today I have come to understand that trials are not meant to kill us, but to give us an opportunity for self examination and a rediscovery of our hidden potentials. They are meant to improve a weakness or teach us a life skill. Man is meant to constantly improve –by excelling and taking new responsibilities. Before a man becomes king, he needs to learn the qualities of royalty and every stage of growth gives that opportunity. Sometimes it could be really tough but see your trails as learning moments. Look deep and you will find the lessons and when you find the lessons, the next stage opens up- which is what we often call breakthrough. This make me believe there is always a hidden fortune behind the pain.