When you find yourself loving someone who doesn’t love you back or doesn’t even want you, you become desperate. You find yourself chasing anyone else around them and sometimes you turn into a stalker. This is the time when a desperate African woman jumps into the use of magical charms. Elixir/love potion as we often call it in Africa, is no news. It is very common place to hear women discuss the magical charms they have made to get the men they desire. Some have used it to gain some favours from  men, while others have used it to subdue their men and take control of their possessions. How selfish!

However,  that it is common doesn’t make it right. Like all things that are not of God, they will backfire and often result to deadly consequences. Some people have become mad while others have lost their lives prematurely to it . But the desperate nature of some women make them damn the consequences to regret later in life.

I often tell women that forcing a man into love relationship is the worst thing to do because you become a second class citizen. He will be present with you but never be available for you. You would find yourself begging for virtually everything, even intimacy and work so hard to get noticed. He will use you to satisfy the woman he truly wants to be with.

There is always a man out there for you but if you spend time trying to be with the wrong one, you might miss the right one when he shows up. Don’t waste time trying to get noticed by Paul because you will not see Peter when he comes by.