People have unconsciously created social laboratories that are causing more harm than good to personal development. When you are unsuccessful at something, people diagnose you for failure. They point out your weaknesses, and tell you how unfit you are for what you are doing. Some would tell you to stop what your are doing and try something else etc. Some people will go as far as telling you what they think is good for you and even insist that you take their advice.

Life has taught me that unsuccessful attempts is not a symptom of failure. Rather it is a strength of perfection. In my opinion, success is a result of transforming mistakes into goods. It is about making lemonade from the lemons that nature throws at you. People who are unsuccessful at something and stay focused until to they get it right have the right approach to life. They triumph even in a bad day.

Many times in my life, I have made attempts and failed woefully but I didn’t let the social laboratory diagnose and tag me with a disease. I consider my ideas as inspirations from above and I believe if I can think it long enough, I can do it. It doesn’t matter how many times I have to try but I will get it. When I talk to people who feel discouraged, I tell them to trust in their struggles and forget the diagnoses from the social lab created by spectators. You are only a failure if you accept it but if you see  the idea your are working on as one coming from a higher place, you would understand that it is a possibility, even if no one else believes in it.

Though the road to success is bumpy, it takes gradual steps of learning and perfecting to stay on the track. So put on your ear plugs and shun the naysayers. Stay focused and believe in yourself. You will definitely get there.