Sometimes you find yourself in an office, and you think you are putting in your best but you feel stuck. Others come after you and their names keep appearing on every promotion list. Yet your supervisors seem “okay” with you but just don’t think you are good for the next top position. In some cases, the temptation is to think that the person who just got promoted was either a relation to the boss or in a relationship. But time has taught me that there is always something exceptional in such people. They consciously or unconsciously blend their talents and their skills.

This may seem abstract, but the shortest road to promotion is integrating your talent and your skills. You can’t impress your employers or clients with only skills because everyone can learn and do the things you do. But integrating your talents to your job makes you exceptional. And as time goes on, I have come to realize that this is what makes employers and clients happy.

It may seem like everyone has your talents but your abilities on them are unique to you alone on this earth. Not even your twin possess the same abilities. Your talents and your skills are meant to work hand in gloves. It is like a perfect handshake with mirror image. If you let them work together, you will enjoy the reward.