Nervousness is something I used to suffer from but had to work on it when I realized I had missed so many opportunities because of it. I remember how I felt during a my first job interview.  I was well prepared according to me. I practiced possible questions and answers etc but failed to work on my confidence level.  So when the questions began coming, it was crazy. My heart pumping like it was racing, and I began babbling. There I was before my dream job full of the technical know-how but so tensed I couldn’t sell myself. It was a very frustrating experience. I didn’t even wait for an email thereafter because I knew it was a waste of time and a reminder of my mess. So rather than cry over spilled milk, I had to work on my confidence. I started by taking up impromptu activities especially when it involved a crowd. I took up some public activities that brought me in close contact with lots of people and boosted my level of interaction. The more people I talked with, the more confident I felt.

By the time I was going for my second interview a few months later, I was a lot better. I had come to the understanding that even the interviewers have issues they’re scared of or worried about. They are just humans like me, only difference is that they are sitting on the other side of the table. With this in mind, I was myself, fluent and cheerful. I wasn’t scared of nothing. I got so bold and confident that my interviewers ended the interview with me. I began the job the very next day.

Being nervous causes one to loose opportunities.