Mind games are supposed to be teasing and fun in relationships but sometimes couples over do it and this could cause friction . Everyone plays mind games in their relationships; though sometimes  unconsciously. This weekend had so much of it and I felt guilty some times. I found myself moving from place to place like a swarm of bees, either to play along or to sting . But usually when in a conversation, I can tell when the mind games pop up and I’m like…” Got ya… I not playing along”. There are many reasons why some people play mind games such as control, insecurity etc. However, some of them are quite crazy and frustrating like those below.

  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse invites you to a particular conversation on a particular subject matter and is feeling on top of the world as you babble with the responses. But when you initiate the same discussion, they get angry and rude and aggressive.
  • boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, jumps into tears just as a way of avoiding the questions or the topic. Or better still to get you do do something you normally won’t.
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is out rightly upset with you but won’t tell you about it but rather tells you to figure it out yourself. This can be very frustrating especially when you are clueless of what the problem is about.
  • Your Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse subjects you to emotional blackmail by making you feel weird making certain demands because they claim it reminds them of their sad past. On your part you get needy but can’t talk about it because they will feel bad.
  • A man  tired of a relationship but claiming his girlfriend is not infertile because she won’t get pregnant yet no talks of marriage is on the table. The common reaction to this is that the woman tries to proof a point and gets pregnant

What about you, what are some of the mind games you experience in your relationships?