As I age, I realize that life is indeed very beautiful and God is always good. I look at my trials and painful moments and I see that in everyone of them there was  a lesson and a message.

What amazes me more is the fact that the length of time I stayed in the misery of every painful experience, could have been avoided if I could bring my mind to visualize the opposite. If I had this understanding back then, I would have chosen to look at the imaginary beautiful picture rather than staring continuously at the painful one I wasted time on.

Now I am training my mind to focus on the bright side of every challenge. Though I haven’t fully trained my mind to that, I am happy with the results I get for my little effort.

Another beautiful side to life is the potentials I see in me. As the days go by, I am discovering my talents and it is making me live with passion. It makes me want to burst out with message of breakthrough for people like me.  Life is amazing…